Building Controls
Over the years, CT Control Temp has become an industry leader in building and supermarket control systems.

We work with several controls manufacturers to provide solutions that best meet our customers' needs. We offer a full range of controls, and specialize in temperature monitoring and refrigerant leak detection.

CT Control Temp has been working with CPC since 1989, so we have an extensive background in the design, installation, and service of CPC equipment. CPC's Infrared Leak Detection unit is an industry leader in its field. 

With CPC, CT Control Temp offers a full line of controls for the supermarket & building industries and our fully trained, CPC-certified technicians are available to install and service the equipment.


Since 1991, CT Control temp has been working with Comtrol equipment, which includes supermarket controls and leak detection equipment.

We have fully trained, Comtrol-certified technicians available, so contact us today for information on the service or installation of Comtrol equipment.

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